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✅CHOP MULTIPLE THINGS….with no cleaning in between. Meals are multi-ingredient. Blades, bowls and lids are dishwasher safe. A food processor that is easy, versatile and convenient. Just pull the crank and cut your meal prep time in half.

✅STORE UNUSED FOOD… with included sturdy lids and extra bowls. Avoid food wastage after that quick chop salad bowl, and save money. Other choppers and dicers do not give you that convenience.

✅YOUR FAMILY IS UNIQUE... and they have choices. This magic device is not only an ultra sharp vegetable chopper for personalized salsa or guacamole, but also a fantastic blender. Whether omelets, pancakes or sundaes, with this mini cutter and blender give each member the toppings they want.

✅COOK FOR ONE… or two or many with the scalability of multiple bowls. Chop half an onion with a clove of garlic if that is all you need for a veggie dip recipe. Use one bowl or all three for up to 6 cup capacity. An excellent nut chopper in addition to a ground meat and garlic mincer.

✅RELAX… enjoy more free time. Plus the convenience that comes with lightweight, portable, ergonomic, non-slip, non- electric, crack resistant, BPA free, PC/ PP plastic construction.Everything except the crank assembly is dishwasher safe.

No metal screws in the crank assembly and thus no rust. New patented design.

Tribowl Apache

$21.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price